Team – With more than 3,100 adesso employees we can strengthen and complete every team. This creates the necessary trust for investors and customers.

Strategy – Together we build a strategy plan, we support start-ups to adapt their product to the market, develope a true vision and contribute our cross-industry experience.

Market access – Due to our cross-industry network we provide operational support in sales to enable fast market access and success.

Investors – We support start-ups actively in the seed phase with venture capital and smart money. During the inQventures-Camp we assist with selecting and approaching suitable investors and concluding contracts.

Infrastructure – A total of 20 business locations in the DACH-region makes the inQventures-Camp flexible. A relocation to the head office of the incubator is not mandatory.


Who are we?

inQventures is the incubator of the adesso group. We support entrepreneurs and start-ups in the core competence sectors of the adesso group. Besides venture capital we offer so-called smart-money in terms of IT- and management-resources in all business sectors and complement every team professionally and quickly. In addition we provide the required infrastructure.

We create optimal conditions for the success of young companies on the market. Due to our 20 locations in the DACH-region start-ups are flexible in their choice of location.

Whom do we look for?

inQventures supports innovations in the areas of fintech and insurtech and other core competencies of the adesso group in the very early development stage. These solutions have to concentrate on corporate customers. We search for innovative team players, that strive for the realization of their idea with all their energy.

The current development stage of the idea is secondary for the application for inQventures-Camp. We support interesting solutions, whether the idea exists just on paper, the company was already founded or even if the proof of concept has been achieved.

What makes us different?

Together with the the adesso group and more than 3,100 adesso employees inQventures has excellent IT resources to offer. That includes individual and profound industry knowledge, management resources and access to customers and markets, thereby leading to quick market success as well as modern infrastructure – and all that at 18 business locations in in the DACH-region.

inQventures stands for funding innovations of the fintech, insurtech and IoT sectors and other core competencies of the adesso Group. We support entrepreneurs and start-ups in early stages and optimize, encourage and accompany in the long term – with the know-how and team of more than 3,100 adesso Group employees at 20 business locations in the DACH-region.

Our Team

Frank ReineckeGeneral Manager
Frank Reinecke
Frank ReineckeGeneral Manager
Frank is responsible for inQventures. He already established three successful companies. Frank is banker and business administration graduate and has developed a strong passion for innovation management and marketing. He is also active as a business angel.

Markus LünsmannPartner
Markus Lünsmann
Markus LünsmannPartner
Markus supports the business development of inQventures as a partner. With his many years of experience in corporate management, he and his company are developing new innovative business models.

Thomas GasberInvestment Manager
Thomas Gasber
Thomas GasberInvestment Manager
Thomas is executive in the field of digital transformation. Thereby he focuses the core issue of the changing business world. He knows the challenges of innovative projects and the new digital businesses.

Dr. Oscar von DungernInvestment Manager
Dr. Oscar von Dungern
Dr. Oscar von DungernInvestment Manager
Oskar complements the team with his own experience as an entrepreneur and knows the crucial challenges for start-ups very well. With a strong engineering background he works as consultant and manager in the domain of IT and mechatronic products.

Markus MerderPartner
Markus Merder
Markus MerderPartner
Markus supports inQventures as an investment manager in the field of IoT. In Dortmund he manages the IoT-Lab of adesso AG, in which innovative IoT-ideas are developed and validated continuously.

Emily AndreaeInvestment Manager
Emily Andreae
Emily AndreaeInvestment Manager
Emily is responsible for the business development of the health sector at adesso Group. Furthermore, she drives the topic e-health in the role as the vice chairman of Bitkom.

adesso ManagementInvestment Board
adesso Management
adesso ManagementInvestment Board
The investment board of inQventures consists (amongst others) of the management of the core competencies of the adesso AG and decides with the specific expertise from various areas on funding and financing promising start-ups.

adesso TeamIT- and Management Ressources
adesso Team
adesso TeamIT- and Management Ressources
Combined with the adesso group and 2,600 employees inQventures provides top IT and management resources and supports start-ups with integrated knowledge and market access in various industries.

We Support

inQventures, the incubator of the adesso group, supports innovations in the areas of fin- and insurtech and of other core industries of the adesso group.

Apart from the purely monetary investments we support young companies especially with smart money in terms of IT and management resources. In addition we help to set up and complete teams and provide required infrastructure.

We accompany start-ups on their way to success. Thereby we provide our long time industry experience with more than 3,100 employees in 18 business locations in the DACH-region. Furthermore inQventures offers a funding network.

By providing top IT-resources, fast market access and long time industry experience we guarantee optimal conditions for a successful positioning of the start-up in the marketplace.

Due to adesso as a strong and solid industry partner, the sustainable existence of the start-up gets supported in the long term. That strengthens credibility and confidence for customer and investors.


IT implementation as a criticial success factor for start ups

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Meet us

inQventure is on site at the following events.

Get connected

In the start-up word networking is a key component, not just to exchange with other founders, but also to make appropriate contacts that can support one's goals. In addition, the conversionrate of convincing an investor is much higher during a casual networking conversation than a standard text message. So take the chance and visit start-up events. We from inQventures believe in the potential of those events and are looking forward to a first meet-up with you.

Meet & Greet

You wanna get to know us personally? At the following events you will find us!

08.11. Matching BACB, Berlin
16.11. SpinLab Investor Day, Leipzig
27.11. StartUP.innoLab Kapitalgeberforum, Dortmund
13.12. Matching BACB, Berlin

Where we have been!

Too late, but you could have found us on the following events

07.11. Next Round Landesvertretung Brandenburg, Berlin
25.10. Computerfutures Pitch Event, Berlin
11.-12.10. RuhrSummit, Bochum
09.10. 6. Investmentforum, Berlin
25.09. Roundtable Startup-Mittelstand, Dortmund
20.09. Eröffnung Orangery, Hildesheim
31.08. Gründerwettbewerb Digitale Innovation, Berlin
17.05. 3 Kontaktabend des BPW 2018, Berlin
26.04. Asia Pacific Week, Berlin
26.04. 2. Prämierung des BPW 2018, Berlin
25.04. 1. Runde Start-up InnoLab, Dortmund
24.04. Asia Pacific Week Networking Cruise, Berlin

19.04. 2. Start-up Boostival, München
18.04. Year of the Dogs, München

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Portfolio of adesso AG and inQventures GmbH

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