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NECT is the winner of the 2. Start up Boostival

The 2. Start-up Boostival took place on april 19th 2018 in Munich. For all partcipating start-ups, VCs and corporate investors this event was a big success, especially for the start-up NECT from hamburg, who won this pitch event.

Like in the previous event inQventures selected six promising start-ups and invited the entrepreneurs with their great ideas to the pitch event:
Billendo from fintech, Bodylabs, Smokeless, KidSteps in the field of e-Health, Magment in the field of e-mobility/infrastructure und NECT, an IT-Service for banks and insurances.

Pitch Präsentation Start-up Boostival
Start-ups of the 2. Start-up Boostivals: Bilendo, Bodylabs, Smokeless (from left to right)

And the winner is...

Carlo Ulbrich was the last of the six selected start-ups to present the business idea of ​​his company NECT. In the end he could convince the 10-member jury across the board.

This is how jury chairman Oliver Gajek of Munich Network explained, why NECT won at the award ceremony: "Your business case is absolutely promising and we believe in you to take the advantage of your current first mover advantage to make the best of it!"

But what is NECT doing? The young team wants to eliminate the lavish, time-consuming postident process of mailing personal identification processes in the digital age. With its "Selfie-Ident" system, the company offers the first legally compliant, digital identity assessment based on artificial intelligence. Thus NECT can also replace "the really not well functioning" video identification procedure, which is user-unfriendly and has high termination rates.

Carlo in his pitch: "We do everything a expert doing the video ident needs to do for the identification process, but without staffing, faster, more secure and cost-effective!" (More about this idea: www.nect.com).

After all presentations, the investors and supporters were able to exchange views with the entrepreneurs separately and in one-to-one discussions in order to get a more accurate picture and to ask questions.

After a three-hour, very successful event, the winner of our 2nd Start-up Boostival was announced around 9 pm.

The winning team will receive as a prize a two-day interaction room workshop with adesso in conjunction with an overnight stay in a 5-star hotel with a total value of around € 7,500.

„Wir erledigen all das, was ein Video-Ident-Mitarbeiter für das Identverfahren tun muss, aber eben ohne Personaleinsatz und somit schneller, sicherer und kostengünstiger.“

Ceremony Award with Oliver Gajek (Munich Network) and Frank Reinecke (inQventures)
Winner Carlo Ulbrich (NECT) with the jury
In addition to the six start-ups, two other start-ups in the foyer could present their interesting business idea: Running Fitness (the start-up of the well-known "marathon twins" Anna and Lisa Hahner and Thomas Dold) and Urban Energy. 

The jury included representatives of the following companies: Allianz, Bayern Kapital, Coparion, Deutsche Bank, Munich Network, Redstone, Signals Venture Capital, Target Partners, Unternehmertum Venture Capital und WEKA Publishing Media (siehe Bild mit Frank Reinecke).

The other Start-ups

Here are the other Start-ups with their business ideas:

Bilendo //
Branche: Fintech

Bilendo is a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for the automation of receivables management including dunning. Bilendo offers invoices to be sent by mail or e-mail, checks incoming payments, personalizes, individualizes and automates the entire dunning process, manages the open items and optionally offers the transfer of receivables to a debt collection company. Individual reports provide a clear overview of the activities (for example, incoming payments), upcoming actions (for example, pending reminders), and important key figures (such as open and due items).

BodyLabs // Branche: E-Health

BODYLABS offers a comprehensive health check in just 15 minutes. The results, up to 70 vital signs, including blood counts, blood pressure, lung function & body composition, are transferred to an app in real-time. Each participant receives a personalized prevention program based on their own risk profile. Our mobile laboratory can be operated without medical personnel and needs about 10m² of space. BODYLABS offers check-ups to employers as a service. Large companies and medical service providers can buy the check-up laboratories.

Smokeless // Branche: E-Health

Every 6 seconds one person dies from smoking. In 2016 700 million people tried to quit, but 96% failed because of the complexity of smoking addiction. In order to successfully quit you need to consider different components. We have developed the first technological solution that is able to consider all necessary components to fight addiction using a hardware-software combination.

KidSteps // Branche: E-Health

KidSteps was born out of an idea that affected us as parents of our children: "Is our child developing properly? Who can help us? "
To help with such issues, we have developed the KidSteps app with a team of educators and educators. It helps parents objectively assess their child's development and removes their insecurity when accompanying their child's young life.

Magment // Branche: E-Health

Magnetizable concretes made of recycled magnetisable materials for inductive applications such as power components for renewable energies and wireless charging of e-vehicles. The disruptive manufacturing process allows pressure-free molding of any size to design optimized products. This is made possible by our free online software MAGMATH, in order to find customized solutions for the customer.

In addition, the following two start-ups exposed their business idea at the Boostival:

Running Fitness// Branche: E-Health


The Olympians Anna and Lisa Hahner and the marathon trainer Thomas Dold help you to reach your personal goals without any detours. Whether you are a beginner or ambitious marathoni, the specially designed multi-level algorithm will create the training plan for you on your way to your goals. And best of all, it adjusts your training dynamically over time with your feedback. Let yourself be motivated and guided.

Urban Energy// Branche: Smart City


Urban Energy is shaping the energy transition in urban neighborhoods and is partnering with energy and mobility services of the future. urban energy is a B2B software platform that accesses existing, controllable devices. Consumers and producers are thus digitally networked with each other.


Running Fitness with Thomas Dold (world record holder) und Anna Hahner (olympic participant in marathon).

Start-up Urban Energy
Präsentation of KidSteps
Präsentation of Magment



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