Venture Capital and Smart Capital

inQventures provides a support program to validate and professionalize founders and their ideas – named the inQventures-Camp. It targets young companies in the areas of fintech and insurtech as well as in other core industries of the adesso group. Furthermore the inQventures program's intension is a sustainable and long-term encouragement and mentoring, in order to establish the start-up successfully and lastingly in the marketplace.


A direct application for our inQventures-Camp is possible after registering with email and password on our homepage. The application can constantly be adjusted and complemented until you submit the send-button, only then the application data will be transmitted to us.

inQventures supports start-ups with venture capital and smart money of a total value between 25,000 and 75,000 euro.

inQventures focuses on supporting start-ups with smart money of the adesso group. It can be used for example to compensate missing IT- and management resources of a young company, in order to achieve the best possible positioning in the marketplace.

inQventures supports start-ups by creating an individual finance roadmap and assists with choosing and approaching the right investors of our network. By doing so, we prepare the founding team optimally for each step on their way to the next round of funding.

inQventures guarantees an intensive mentoring for start-ups due to its experienced employees – whether in the early or later stage of funding. inQventures assists start-ups with prototyping and product development. This way young companies benefit from our profound industry knowledge and technical expertise.